July 2020 – 13 unexploded bombs found in waters off the northeast coast of New Taipei last week were remotely detonated underwater by Taiwan’s military.

An estimated 1,300 kilograms of explosives were used in the detonation, which took place about 600 meters from the shore in Gongliao District and involved a squad of navy divers tasked with setting charges on the unexploded ordnance.

An initial sighting was confirmed last Tuesday not far from a local elementary school in Mao’ao Bay after a recreational diver reported spotting suspicious objects a day earlier.

The bombs were found at a depth of 10-13 meters near what appeared to be an airplane propeller, according to authorities.

Although the authorities said at the time the rusted exterior of the bombs made it impossible to confirm their make and model, they are thought to be most likely from World War II.