History & Risk

Throughout September, our Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) engineers have been assisting our client with UXO Search & Clear support for a solar panel project located in Massachusetts.

Back in August when we first started work on this project, an 81mm Mortar was discovered in the site area during vegetation clearance works – and this prompted the developer to contact 1st Line Defense to check the rest of the project for other items of UXO.

It is highly likely that the 81mm Mortar landed on the site in the 1970’s/80’s and was potentially fired from a nearby military base.

Anecdotal evidence from our client indicated that similar items of UXO had been found in this area of Massachusetts before, and it is highly likely related to military training and firing practice in the immediate area.

Recommendations & Procedure

Due to the challenging site terrain and the risk of further UXO items being discovered, a UXO Search and Clear operation was recommended to our client.

Our team of UXO engineers provided clearance for an area covering 5.6 hectares using hand-held Magnetometer detectors in just a three-week period.

The whole site area was inspected first to make sure that all easily identifiable scrap metal was removed, this is to reduce false readings and signals on the search instruments – and to make sure that no items of explosive ordnance were visible on the top soil.

Results & Outcome

The whole site area was surveyed for UXO and any suspicious items were inspected, and fortunately – no additional items of UXO were discovered within the site area.

Our client can now proceed with the solar panel installation project knowing that the UXO risk has been reduced to as low as reasonably practicable –­ in line with ALARP principles.

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