UXO Geophysical Survey Services

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Surveying of Areas for Buried UXO Risks

The challenge to accurately detect, locate and clear UXO and MEC is essential in transforming former munitions and remediation sites in the US and abroad back to safe, usable land.

One of our core areas of expertise is the provision of non-intrusive UXO magnetometer and electromagnetic surveys and target investigation on areas of known or suspected UXO contamination on military munitions response sites (MMRS), formerly used defense sites (FUDS), closure sites and base realignment sites. Our methodology allows for the safe and efficient clearance of contaminated sites.

Our ex-military UXO Specialists utilize the latest detection systems to collect data in the field which is processed and interpreted in-house by our geophysics teams. This allows us to produce false-color maps showing the location of buried anomalies which can then be interpreted, modeled, located, investigated and removed.

Where appropriate, the use of geophysics as opposed to conventional search and clear techniques provides a safer, faster and more accurate means of locating and investigating buried anomalies which may be UXO related. Large areas can be surveyed and mapped to locate individual targets, disposal areas, burns pits, impact areas etc.

Target Investigation

The advantage of using geophysical techniques is that once the data is collected in the field, it can be modelled and interpreted to create a list of anomalies with characteristics similar to that of the types of UXO that are being sought. The approximate mass and depth of each discreet target can be modelled, and the thresholds for sensitivity altered depending on the size of UXO anticipated to be present. A list is produced with the coordinates of each anomaly that is recommended for physical investigation. Using specialist GPS equipment, a second team can then accurately locate and manually excavate each anomaly. If UXO-related, immediate identification and hazard assessment can be carried out, and the target can be dealt with.

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