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Our management team and UXO operatives come from a diverse range of backgrounds specializing in the management of UXO risk for armed forces and other organizations all over the world. With decades of combined experience in the search for and disposal of munitions, we know how to help.

Our Mission

1st Line Defense provides world-class expertise when it comes to UXO and MEC risk mitigation. Our safe, effective, common-sense approach to survey, search, and clearing of land contaminated with UXO has proved effective worldwide.

We offer our services and assistance to government agencies, commercial organizations and humanitarian charities who need to reclaim land contaminated as a result of conflict or previous military use.

Our Vision

Our clear and simple vision is  to eliminate the legacy of explosive ordnance contamination across the USA and around the world, which ensures safe, clean land for use for generations to come.

We work hard every day to realize our vision through dedication to best practice, focus on methodology, plus ongoing training and support for our staff of professional employees worldwide.

Our Values

We believe in doing the best job that we can and getting it right first time. Our ethos is to be open and honest about our capabilities, and to work with a client to provide safe, practical and common-sense solutions to UXO risk.

Our industry is heavily dependant on technology and on the expertise and experience of individual operatives. We therefore aim to continually update and invest in equipment and technology, and to strive for maintaining a highly trained and competent work force.

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Notes from the trenches

We post information regularly about our work in the field and information pertaining to our business in general. Check back soon for more information!